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Jan Rasmus Voss

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BIGFISH — We are a Berlin-based commercial film production. Alongside Lions, Nails and other fine awards that we keep receiving, we want to first of all deliver a good product to our commissioners. Spots and campaigns that work because they are seen and liked by clients, consumers and also, naturally, by us.



We are very excited about this latest work with director Niels Münter and agency Zum Roten Hirschen for MediaMarkt and Saturn. It’s the first ever shared campaign for these two brands. Germany wants to know - who is better? Have a look at the first of a whole series of challenges, this one featuring Boris Becker.


The dream of every German coming true: We got to shoot with David Hasselhoff for the new campaign. Agency Achtung!, client and director Micky bring Michael Knight back to the screens. Have a look at our little time travel in Super Power Mode - back to the 80s, where Michael and a two-wheeled version of K.I.T.T. are yet again fighting the villains. Will they succeed? Have a look!



In his twenties, the L.A. based Canadian, Jono traveled the world as a musician, documentarian, and commercial director. He’s a winner of YDA, Cannes Lion and Webby awards and plays music, writes screenplays, directs and in his latest feature film even acts! What a bundle of energy!

His work blends between well-told mockumentaries, fine comedic humor and modern, beautifully playful worlds. We’re happy to be representing this creative and cool guy, welcome, Jono!


Together with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - PETA and our talented director Annegret von Feiertag we shot a colorful music video to raise awareness to not wear, eat, abuse or experiment with animals in any way or another. You can have a look at their website if you want to dive deeper into that topic, but first make sure to check out the video!


We are more than delighted to present this fun video we shot with wonderful director Jan Rasmus Voss and agency Scholz&Volkmer for ALDI.
The production staff took the road down to South Germany to shoot in a very special location.
We are super happy and proud of the outcome.

Have a look!


You might think of maple syrup and hockey when thinking of Canada, we only think of TIM HAMILTON!

The Canadian director is the co-creator of the famous Truth in Advertising, a fun satire on the ad business. He also caught our attention with his exceptional work both in casting and directing comedic performances. It’s the small well observed details that crack us up and we couldn’t be more excited to call him one of the gang! Check out his work on our website! Welcome to the pond, Tim!


For BVR and Heimat Agency we teamed up with Kinopravda.
The directors collective, located in Barcelona and Budapest is difficult to describe with only a few words.

Every work is different; a seperate experience and a new creative challenge. They love to throw themselves in fully and find a new unique approach for every project.

Having been fans for quite some time, we were thrilled to finally work with them.
We love how bold everyone involved in this project has been. It’s been an awesome creative process, have a look at the outcome!


We all know that the Irish are well recognized for their humour, wit, and strong character - and award-winning Director Jamie can definitely vouch for that!

He has not only received Gold for 'Best New Director' at the 2015 Kinsale Sharks Awards, but also worked internationally across all creative disciplines as a director and filmmaker, and has created a range of work for print and film all over the world. He has additionally directed music videos for several artists including Rejjie Snow, Fakear, and Modestep. Jamie’s short film, The Sticks, is currently screening at several international festivals and we are very proud to welcome him into our BIGFISH roster.

BIGFISH has landed Annegret von Feiertag!

Annegret is a Berlin based Illustrator, Motion Designer and Graphic Designer and she has her very own style of directing moving pictures. Her music video for Robin Schulz immediately reaching 5 million views at YouTube was also the start of her international career. We are very happy to welcome Annegret to our team.

Master of advertising does pop music video

Director Maximilian Wiedenhofer shot an epic music video for singer Drangsal, starring German superstar and badass actor Lars Eidinger. German press celebrated the BIGFISH production as an outstanding piece of diverse and non-conformist art, seen as being rather untypical for the music industry. The video has been announced and teasered on social media throughout a prologue by German painter Daniel Richter, using an oil painting which he created exclusively for the video.

BIGFISH welcomes LA master of interactive storytelling!

Luc Schurgers has been responsible for a wide range of interactive campaigns that allow viewers to engage and become a part of the story. To Luc, directing is more than creating a beautiful piece of film; it’s about telling stories that people can experience first-hand. With a background in computer graphics, visual effects, and photography and a unique understanding of storytelling and comedy Luc has the perfect skill set to tackle any type of project.  We are more than happy to have this brilliant and fun award-winning director in our pond.